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Umberto Panini Maserati collection

The most complete collection of Maseratis in the world started by the Maserati brothers, temple of Maserati cars

An amazing Maserati museum tour to discover the most complete Maseratis collections in the world, the Umberto Panini Maserati museum at Modena in the Motor Valley, Italy.
During this Maserati museum tour, fans will admire an extraordinary collection personally started in the old days by the Maserati brothers, 20 classic cars that today represents the most important passages of the Maserati history.
In this astonishing Maserati museum owned by the Panini family, fans can admire very valuable Maserati cars such as 6CM, the A6GCS Pininfarina, the 250F V12 driven F1 World Champion driven by Fangio, the Eldorado driven by Moss (just to name a few) and many other vehicles of historical interest such as different classic cars, historical motorcycles, old bicycles and tractors.

Furthermore, lovers of finest Italian food will appreciate the fact that the Panini family also produces one of the most delicious Parmesan cheese in the world - available to purchase during the visit.

We arrange tours to this Maserati museum called Umberto Panini Maserati collection, not to be confused with the museum-showroom inside the Maserati factory managed by the factory itself, only for those who join MotorStars tours.
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