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The Original Motor Tours since 2004
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Why Us

Flexible dates, Refund, Fully insured, 15 yrs experience, Wonderful hospitality, Stress-free Organization and trasferts, Peace of mind

Why MotorStars instead of a DIY tour?
With us you won’t have to worry about:
  • wasting time to find how to book with the factories and how to go in the middle of nowhere
  • booking all your visits to the factories and museums
  • renting a car
  • driving in the Italian traffic
  • parking your car as most of the factories have no secure parking
  • Worrying about drink & drive
  • tickets by speed-cameras
  • tickets by cameras in restricted driving zones
  • queueing at the entrances of each factory and museum
  • where eating a good and typical lunch
  • losing some activities important for you due to time constrictions
  • losing money because you arrived late for a factory tour that is not refundable
  • missing on some beauties of the area that only locals know

In additional, please note the following:
  • Tour Operator and Taxi Driver's License to have a safe service
MotorStars not only is offered by SnackTravel - a tour operator that is a member of Fiavet (Italian Association of Travel Agencies) - but also collaborate with "N.C.C." licensed taxi drivers (Italian for licensed Limousine with professional driver) in order to comply with all the necessary local regulations and legislation and to offer you a secure, safe service and, above all, peace of mind. All this in order to respect all rules and offer you the best and safest service ever.

  • We know the “Motor Valley” like the back of our hands
Our local staff has extensive knowledge of the most famous Italian mechanical facilities in the world. We’ve lived and breathed in the Motor Valley between Modena and Bologna in Italy since we were born. With MotorStars you get the feeling of being part of the team. More than eight-hundred satisfied guests take tours with us every year.

  • Our Partners
MotorStars is the company that has arranged and managed Pagani factory tours for three years (2008 till 2010) before Pagani decided to manage these in house. However, we have still maintained our special relationship with this renowned manufacturer. In 2007, MotorStars started to collaborate with Ducati Motor SpA, arranging factory tours during the World Ducati Week, in Misano, and during the Enzo Ferrari Italian Marathon, in 2005. Our strategic partnerships give us the advantage to provide you the best service ever.

  • No hidden fees
Payment can also be made directly on your arrival, however we will need your credit card details at booking time for a deposit of Euros 100. We guarantee there are no hidden fees and no extra charges for our services unless specified.

  • Stress-free Travel
We arrange everything for you to make you feel as comfortable as possible. Don’t worry about anything on your arrival. An English speaking tour assistant will accompany you throughout the tour, giving you interesting and useful information, and taking care of every single detail to make your trip an unforgettable experience. Every last detail is taken care of for you.

  • 18 years experience!
MotorStars is the very first company that started these kind of tours – Imotor tours - so popular today thanks also to other companies that took inspiration from us. Since 2004 we operate only these tours and - every single year - hundreds of people choose us in order to spend a day inside the most famous Italian super-car factories in the world. For any problem you could have, we are here from more than 15 years and we’ll still here also tomorrow.

  • We're not a big company and we don't pretend to be
It is very likely that one dedicated member of staff will look after you throughout the tour from the moment of your enquiry right through to the actual day, arranging everything from your arrival until the end of the tour, always doing their very best to satisfy your requests and needs in order to guarantee you a pleasant stay and a lovely journey with MotorStars.

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