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About Us

MotorStars is the very first company that started these kind of tours.

We have been doing Italian car factories tours since 2004.
Many have tried to copy us during the years – after all, imitation is the best form of flattery!
Very few, if any, can offer the same skills and experience that we do.
Over the years, thousands of people have chosen MotorStars to spend a day inside the most famous Italian car factories of Pagani Ferrari Lamborghini Maserati and Ducati, enjoying not only the tours themselves but also the passion and thorough technical knowledge of our staff.
A real point-of-difference between MotorStars and all other companies that now sell similar tours is that with us your host for the day – who used to work for Ferrari – can offer you a unique insight into the history and technical background of the industry.
Once-in-a-lifetime opportunity that you will remember for a long time.
With MotorStars you get the feeling of being part of the team.
About seven-hundred satisfied guests take tours with us every year.

NASA astronaut S. Smith

NASA astronaut S. Smith

Two-time MotoGP World Champion C. Stoner

ACDC singer B. Johnson

Two-time F1 World Champion F. Alonso

Two-time SBK World T. Bayliss

F. Lamborghini

F1 driver Felipe Massa

Roulette Leader of the Australian Air Force S. Baker

Michael Schumacher

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