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Ferrari museum Modena

The Enzo Ferrari birth house in Modena and an astonishing exhibition displayed as a modern art gallery

An astonishing Ferrari museum tour in Modena to discover the Enzo Ferrari life story, founder of the most successful super car manufacture in the world.
Through the Ferrari museum tour in Modena, fans will admire the house where Enzo Ferrari used to live when he was a child and the place where his father had a factory of mechanical engineering.
During this Ferrari museum tour, fans will also discover a new pavilion - stunning in its design, with Ferraris on raised platforms and an enormous wraparound film screen on which is shown a video that showcases Enzo's life story and the cars and moments that defined his career. Inside both buildings’ the exhibitions change once a year, the Modena museum from March 2019 is staging the wonderfull “Timeless Masterpieces” exhibition that shows how a car can become an object of enduring beauty.
For those interested we point it out also the possibility to purchase official merchandise.

Unlike the Ferrari museum tour in Maranello at the historic site of the factory, this Ferrari museum tour in Modena is more about the history of the founder and what is behind this legendary brand.

We arrange the Ferrari museum tour from Bologna and Modena in Italy only for those who join MotorStars tours.
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